The Boulangère Collection – Hand Made Guitars From Sussex

The Boulangère Collection – Hand Made Guitars From Sussex

It is not everyday that you are entrusted with the responsibility of completing a life’s work. 

Though, here at True Notes UK, we have been asked to do just that.

To say that we are honoured is an understatement and we are so very pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to curate this fine collection of guitars.

The Boulangère Collection

Mr. Trevor Baker, who built this collection, was a brilliant Luthier and guitar maker based here in East Sussex. He was a self taught master, and when he sadly passed away a few years ago, he left a vast collection of amazing hand made instruments. This work was completed over the span of more than 20 years and is a stunning testament to his legacy.

Now in the care of True Notes Musical Instruments, we are handling the sales of this fine collection, as we have been given the great responsibility of documenting and completing all that Mr Baker never had the chance to finish.

As guitar techs and musical instrument makers in the South East, we cover a lot of what would have been Mr Baker’s old stomping ground, so this situation is very humbling to us and is a great legacy to be invited into.

This project will help to further galvanise True Notes as Guitar makers here in East Sussex. We plan to place these fine instruments in the hands of musicians that will appreciate the achievements and craftsmanship of a true old time Master.

Together, we will enable the beautiful work of the Boulangére collection to live on.

The main collection consists of Selmer Maccafferi styles and resonator guitars.
Although other models of acoustics and electrics have been made throughout the years too.

We are currently in the working stages of this vast project and so please do make contact for further information and for viewings of these rare and exclusive guitars.



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