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Maintenance, ​Repairs & Custom Builds

Nigel Martin RyeServing the Rye and Hastings area, East Sussex

True Notes is a small independent company, with our workshop based in the historic town of Rye, East Sussex. 

We undertake many kinds of instrument repairs and servicing. Work ranges from day to day guitar set ups, fret work and neck repairs, to more larger restoration projects on Drangyens, Harps, Dulcimers and even Dombiras.

We love all types of musical instrument and would be happy to discuss any issues you may be having with yours.

Attention to fine detail

A correct set up is crucial to the playability of your instrument and your performance.

Before taking on any work, we like to discuss how you play and what you wish from the instrument itself. This is probably the most important information for us, as every instrument and every player requires individual attention.

Taylor Guitars Registered Service Centre


Suppliers of D’Addario

Our services include

Set Ups
Adjusting the settings of your instrument for better playability.

Fret Work
Levelling uneven frets to stop buzzing and replacing worn frets that can’t be levelled.

Nut and Saddle Making
Hand cutting nuts and saddles, specifically to match your instrument and string gauge.

Troubleshooting, repairs, re-wires and pickup winding

General Repairs
Headstock breaks, neck resets, humidity cracks and damage.

Instrument Building
Constructing bespoke instruments from scratch.

Specific Requests
If you have an idea for a project, modifications or a one off custom build and want to see if it is possible, please get in touch

Let’s chat about your equipment and your needs. Contact Us