Ukulele Set Ups and Repairs East Sussex

Ukulele Set Ups and Repairs East Sussex


Is the Ukulele the most popular instrument to play now?


Being a qualified fretted instrument tech here in Rye East Sussex, I see a fair number of guitars and other weird and wonderful stringed instruments pass through the workshop.

I am mainly doing maintenance and other ” luthier ” related jobs on guitars.

However, in recent years I have personally seen a huge rising trend with Ukulele players and collectors.

Popular Ukulele groups in East Sussex and Kent are springing up in nearly every town now.

There are dedicated Ukulele teachers and even the local music shops are stocking some really decent high end and student model Ukes.


The UK Ukulele market (pun intended) 😉 has also seen a big rise in quality makers too, and nearly every one of my guitar customers now owns a half decent Ukulele, which I luckily get to work on.

So, I wanted to take a minute to share the fact that Ukuleles aren’t just little throw away toys or cheap stocking fillers, and that they can (and should) be set up, maintained and serviced just as much as guitars, mandolins, basses and other stringed instruments.


Here is a short gallery of some of the Ukulele projects that have come through the workshop:

Below is a short list of some of the services that I can, and have provided for your beloved Ukuleles:

  • Ukulele string change
  • Ukulele nut and saddle making
  • Ukulele set up
  • Ukulele Tuner install / upgrade
  • Ukulele cleaning
  • Ukulele Frets and fretwork
  • Ukulele neck reset
  • Ukulele crack repair
  • Ukulele bridge re  glue
  • Ukulele finish repair
  • Ukulele binding repair
  • Ukulele pickup install
  • Ukulele strap button / end pin install


and here is a list of some of the models of ukulele that have passed my way:

Martin Ukulele, Kamaka Ukulele, Kala ukulele, Mahalo Ukulele, Harley Benton Ukulele Bass, Ortega Ukulele, Luna Ukulele, Fender Ukulele, Noah Ukulele,  Busker Resonator Ukulele, Epiphone Ukulele, Cordoba Ukulele, Yamaha Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, Concert ukulele, Baritone ukulele,


I can also highly recommend Aquila ukulele strings, and Gotoh UPT Planetary Ukulele Tuners. They come in a set of 4 and are a quality upgrade to your Ukes with planetary style tuners.


If you would like to discuss any Ukulele projects please drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to help



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