A Bhutanese Lute – The Drangyen

As musical instrument repairers, we do get a lot of interesting items pass our way. This full restoration project of a very rare and beautiful Bhutanese lute, is no exception. The Drangyen, which translates to “hear the melody” (dra means “melody” and ngyen means “listen”) An extremely important instrument for the Bhutanese people, this one … Read moreA Bhutanese Lute – The Drangyen

National Association of musical instrument repairers

True Notes are pleased to announce that we have now been accepted as professional members of the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers. “NAMIR was formed in 1993, to provide a dedicated craft association for the profession of musical instrument repairer” Which means, if you are searching for a local guitar tech, neck repairer, pickup … Read moreNational Association of musical instrument repairers