TAYLOR GUITARS Registered Service Centre


Registered Service Centre

So pleased to announce that I am now a registered Taylor Guitars Service Centre Technician.

This means that I am trusted by the most successful guitar building company in the world, and that I can now fulfil repairs for Taylor Guitars under warranty.

It is a very good day for me and for #truenotesuk as a whole.

As an aspiring UK business owner, I couldn’t be happier to be developing in a more professional manner, by supporting Taylor’s Global company from right here in East Sussex.

We will still continue to perform our day to day guitar set ups, guitar making and repairs, and I hope that my lovely customers will continue to join me on this journey.


In the meantime, please see below for some of the reasoning behind why I personally wanted to team up with Taylor Guitars.

Firstly, they are a brilliant guitar making company for many reasons which I will explain in due course, and secondly they are leading the way with guitar wood procurement, rainforest conservation and management. Taylor Guitars is how a company should be run, and the Taylor Guitars Ebony project will help to explain just some of their brilliant work further.


The Ebony Project

The Threat to Tropical Tone woods.

“Many of the woods traditionally chosen to make acoustic guitars — ebony, mahogany and rosewood, for example — come from tropical regions of the world, often in developing countries. More than ever before, those forests are at risk due to a range of factors, including rising global consumption patterns, land conversion for large farms and plantations to feed export markets, and too often, a lack of good governance.


As Taylor Guitars has evolved into an industry-leading guitar company over the past four-plus decades, we have travelled the world to learn more about the realities of sourcing wood, from different forest management practices to the communities that rely on forest resources for their livelihood. As a company that uses forest resources, we understand our responsibility to be a good steward, a good partner to our suppliers, and to operate in a transparent, legal and ethical way. As a result, we are striving to become more directly involved in the sourcing of many of the tone woods we use.”



Replacement Parts

As a registered service centre, True Notes will stock a range of replacement parts for warranty customers.

All warranty services will first need assessment by True Notes and then approval must be granted from Taylor Guitars before commencing any work.

To find out more, please visit Taylor Guitars European warranty T&Cs


I hope you enjoyed reading about our latest development, please feel free to submit any questions here 


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