Hastings Musicians in Lockdown

Hastings Musicians in Lockdown

When I heard about the “Hastings Musicians in Lockdown” project, I knew that I needed to get involved and to try and help promote it in any way that I could. It’s a great and very thoughtful idea!


We have all been inspired by the brilliant work that “Sara-Louise Bowrey” and her Partner John Bownas are doing.


They have recently been featured on the BBC news, and are kindly helping to promote our loss of industry.

Including the effects the Lockdown has had on the local Musicians and also on the wider community as a whole.


They are in the process of documenting all of the Local Music Artists and Music workers, by taking world class pictures of them for their Gallery.


So if you are a local musician and want to get involved, please send your details onto them here




If all of that wasn’t enough, they are also diligently running the very popular “Hastings Flyer”  which was set up as a hub of info for what WAS our thriving local music Scene.


I just want to reach out and say thanks to them.

Not only for their hard work, but for also inviting True Notes to get involved in the Lockdown project

(photo credit Sara louise- bowry)

Why it means so much to me 

I am so proud to serve and be part of our local music community.

Every day I am thankful for this, and for the fantastic array of talent from the Hastings and Rye area in East Sussex.

I get to call all these amazing people my friends and clients and I couldn’t be happier with that.

It is a well- known fact that our hometown events and entertainment industry is world class.

No question!


I was born in Hastings, I’ve played guitar since I was seven and I’ve been gigging the south coast since I was a teenager.

I have also been training to become a master instrument technician for the past 15 years, and I now run a very busy musical instrument building and repair workshop in Rye. Where we teach classes and help musicians reach their creative goals.

I work with all the best local music shops and a vast majority of musicians featured in the Lockdown project and beyond.

We always joke that there’s something in the water, and the more you hang around, the more likely you’ll notice it.

It’s great fun to be part of and I love making new connections every week.

So do drop me a line if you have any questions or want to make contact.



The Lockdown

We all know that every single person has been affected in some way by this virus, and the events that followed.

Some people have lost so much in this time, and there are many harrowing and heart-breaking stories emerging of peoples struggles.


It is the entertainment and live events industry that is OUR story, and so it is our job to share experiences and to try and help each other get through our losses together.


Sara and John are doing a great job to build awareness, and that’s not only with the need for events, but also how the lack of music and community has had such a detrimental effect on everyone.


This includes larger business, and also with individual people’s livelihoods and well-being.


It is a proven fact that music and regular socialising are crucial for maintaining good mental health.

I really dread to think how people from all walks of life are trying to cope at the moment. It’s tough to say the least!


What I am doing

It is because of everyone’s struggles and the Hastings musicians in Lockdown project, that I have been inspired to create helpful tutorial videos for our customers and anyone else that may be interested in learning some trade secrets.


These short videos are for all those musicians that have been affected with the isolation, loss of gigs and loss of  income.

I hope that they can help anyone that might be struggling in some way.

Weather it’s with minor instrument maintenance issues, or if they’re just simply feeling alone and need to know that someone’s got their back.


You can see the first two of them here or follow our Youtube for more:


In this episode I’m talking about The Golden Axe Guitar Shop in Hastings, and I show you how I remove frets.


In this second episode, I beg you not to sell off your music gear if you can help it!

Things will change soon and once your priceless gear is gone, you might regret it!



Wishing you all the best of luck with your projects and a speedy Lockdown recovery




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