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Set Ups

Intonation and Neck Adjustment

This is where we adjust the settings of your instrument for better playability and is probably the most common task performed on musical instruments.

The main points of focus will be the “relief” or bow in the neck and the “action” or string height of strings away from the fret board.

We will also deal with the intonation of each string and although a guitar will never be perfectly in pitch, these adjustments will aim to put the string in tune all the way up the fret board as close as possible, and deal with factors such as string length compensation.

We want you to have a comfortable and well-adjusted instrument that is enjoyable to play.

Also included in this service is cleaning and tightening of hardware, such as guitar tuners and strap buttons.

This job gives us chance to really look over the instrument in detail and assess whether there are any advisories to cover in the future.

For example, the beginning stages of fret wear.